Welcome to Virtual Onewold Alliance

Greetings esteemed guests, we extend our warmest welcome to the prestigious Virtual Oneworld Alliance. Within our esteemed organization, you will find a team of courteous and skilled individuals committed to assisting one another and our esteemed crew members in maximizing the enjoyment of our mutual passion.


In order to join VOA, you must meet the following minimum criteria, These policies may change from time to time without notice. Below are the minimum requirements:

1. All members must own a legal copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator, Prepard3D or X-Plane.

2. All members must be aged 13 years or older and agree to abide by all Rules and Regulations as set out by Virtual Oneworld Alliance and Vatsim.

3. You must provide your real identity (No Nicknames of callsigns) on the VOA application form.

4. All members must have 1 valid e-mail address which must be verified at the time of application and must be maintained during tenure at VOA.

5. There must be no altering of pilot information after it has been submitted and application has been approved.

6. Must not be affiliated with any other operation that simulates Oneworld.

7. All members must have a valid and active VATSIM PID (NO EXCEPTIONS).

By clicking on the registration button, you have agreed to adhere to any policies or procedures governing the¬† virtual airline and it’s website.




The VOA Experience


iGlobal, is our multi-function Acars system designed to capture and store all the real-time flight data during your flights. Our Acars also grade your overall flights experience.

Realistic Routes

Discover our vast range of 56,000+ real-world routes, as we are dedicated to regularly updating and incorporating new routes to provide a realistic and immersive experience.

Multi Fleet

Within our virtual airline, we offer a variety of aircraft types and classes, ranging from Cessnas to the impressive Airbus A380. It’s time to advance to the next level! we have also included Private Jets.

Crew Support

Our team of helpful and committed employees and volunteers is ready to help you around the clock worldwide, via our recently implemented support ticket system for better management.

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