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Crew are reminded they can ONLY fly the aircraft listed in their current rank or below, unless authorised by management or in CAT-FREE events.

Rank Title
Minimum Hours
Pay Rate/Hour
Can Fly
Rank Image
First Officer 0 $107/hr B738 A319 A320 A321 A21N A32N B38M A20N E170 E75L E195 B737 AT76 A318 CRJ7 CRJ9 E135 E145 E175 E190 B734 B739 CRJ2 C172 B733 DH8C AT75 DH8D MD83 C182 PA24 P28A B762 SR22
Snr. First Officer 50 $142/hr B752 A310 B763 B753 A306
Captain 300 $197/hr B788 B772 B789 A333 A332 B77W A359 A35K A350 A33F B77L B773 B741 B78X
Snr. Captain 800 $262/hr B744 B748 A346 CONI A388
Fleet Captain 1200 $337/hr A388 CONC A319 A320 A332 A342 A343 A345 B748 B738 GLF6
Regional Director 15000 $400/hr All the aircraft
Asst Regional Director 15000 $375/hr All the aircraft
Events Director 15000 $375/hr All the aircraft
Public Relations Director 18000 $395/hr All the aircraft
VP of Human Resources 20000 $400/hr All the aircraft
Chief Operations Officer 30000 $450/hr All the aircraft
Chief Executive Officer 32767 $500/hr All the aircraft